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With such a solid foundation and history of success in promoting the sport of motorcycling and the motorcycle industry in Illinois for over forty-six years, The I.M.D.A. is a recognizable force in protecting and promoting the interest of all motorcycle dealers and enthusiasts in Illinois

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Bill Status Report

E-15 What is This?

Federal trade agency proposes higher import fees on certain motorcycles

Senate Bill 9  The opportunity tax and the service tax.

Polaris to Wind Down Victory Motorcycles Operations to Strengthen its Powersports Position
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Public Act 99-768;

Used vehicle Implied warranty on Power Train Components;

Effective July 1, 2017

Affects all vehicles under 150,000 miles or 25 years of age, exceptions are flood damaged vehicles which have their own disclosure.  Motorcycles Included.

All retail sales of vehicles must have a disclosure warranty

Warranty is for 15 days or 500 miles, whichever comes first.

Customer to pay up to 50% of repairs up to $100.00 out of pocket expenses to customer per repair.  If motorcycle is back for the same repair the customer’s expense is still capped at $100.00 over the two repairs. 

Customer must give dealer reasonable opportunity to repair motorcycle.  Customer must notify dealer of  needed repair, either by phone call or text,  or written notice.

All vehicles are warranted  to be merchantable, which means rideable.

No as is sales allowed, but you can sell a motorcycle with disclosures about the runnability as long as they agree to buy it with the following defects… 

All disclosures must be on at least a 10 point printed form

Power Train includes the following; Engine and components, transmission and components, drive train and components including wheel bearings. Intake manifolds, water pump if any.  And all gaskets.

There is a disclosure, that if the claim is on a item that doesn’t affect the value or the runnability then dealer is okay not to perform work.  Such as a noise that’s common to a particular model,  or a particular handling trait that is common to all models, etc…

You are also clear if you offer a warranty that is better than the implied warranty.